Artificial Intelligence: The Value of an AI Maturity Model

Artificial Intelligence: The Value of an AI Maturity Model
21/09/2020 MHC


In previous articles, we have covered how artificial intelligence (AI) provides opportunities to enhance the customer’s onboarding experience and addressed some of the key implementation considerations and potential pitfalls when considering AI.

In this article, we explore the capabilities required of an organisation in order to successfully advance its AI adoption journey.

Why does a firm need an AI maturity model?

An AI maturity model provides an organisation with a framework for assessing its current AI readiness and capabilities. This then informs the firm when prioritising investments toward AI technologies, skills and processes which are needed to develop, manage and maintain AI-based systems, including mitigating any potential risks associated with their development and use.

An organisation needs to understand AI before it can successfully harness its potential and, as such, an organisation should establish an understanding of its AI readiness and capabilities before embarking on its AI journey. Common reasons cited for wasted time and effort on AI initiatives are poorly chosen pilot projects, incorrect assumptions regarding how ready the data and teams were to deploy AI-based systems, and how ready the technology was to deliver results. These failures may lead to the potential loss of confidence in AI from the organisation’s leadership and other key internal stakeholders, leaving the programme dead in the water.

As AI requires a new set of skills, a new set of tools and a new way of operating, it is important that an organisation considers these challenges seriously and adequately prepares for the commitment of the long-term AI journey. Given that AI-based systems are probabilistic in nature, and this is very different from existing technical solutions which are based on ‘business logic’ rules codified into an application, they require different capabilities. For example, AI-based systems must continuously be trained, monitored and evaluated for performance to avoid decay over time. If the organisation is not at the right AI maturity level to understand the reasons why decay happens and does not have the tools and capabilities to implement remediation procedures, the AI system will over time become inaccurate and diverge from its intended purpose, giving rise to potential reputational, legal and regulatory risks, and a loss of competitiveness.

MHC AI maturity model

MHC has developed an AI maturity model (Exhibit 1), comprising four levels of maturity and a brief description of an organisation’s posture at each level.

Exhibit 1

The model’s maturity level assessment is based on five key dimensions (Exhibit 2) and several associated criteria within each dimension which, when combined, reveal an organisation’s overall AI maturity level.

The defining dimensions of ‘AI Organisational Knowledge and Culture’ and ‘AI Strategy and Initiatives’ need to be addressed first at each AI maturity level to ensure a strong foundation is built, on which to develop and continuously enhance the Enabling Dimensions.

Exhibit 2

Once an organisation understands its level of AI maturity in terms of its readiness and capabilities, it can identify the required actions and relative priorities to safely progress through the AI journey to the point where the organisation has successfully converted to AI, with the mechanism and capabilities in place to ensure the initial benefits continue to be realised.


In this article, we have highlighted the importance of an organisation assessing its AI maturity level before starting its AI journey. If your firm’s journey has started without having completed this step, we would urge you to seriously consider doing so, and potentially adapting your implementation plan as necessary.

In addition to our extensive business and financial crime expertise, MHC consultants have an AI adoption and implementation capability to support our clients.

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