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Global Transaction Bank – Mobile Payments
09/08/2018 MHC
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Quicker than traditional client approach
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A tier one UK Client wanted to extend their existing retail mobile app for money transfers to their corporate banking customers. The Client needed to provide a set of API’s to assist Corporate Clients implementing mobile payments for shopping from mobile web sites and mobile applications through the existing retail application.


We initially provided a Programme Manager to be the interface between the Business and Technology areas for the new API development. The bank decided to accelerate the release of the application.

They predicted that development would take approximately 2.5 years using their traditional methodology and staff. We provided a team of 10 highly experienced software engineers who used a SCRUM methodology and test driven development approach. They have since also worked on a number of high profile projects for the bank to enable major clients to use this mobile based service.


Highly successful project completed in 7 months compared to initial estimate using traditional client resources of 2.5 years.