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Global Technology & Operations – Event Management
14/08/2018 MHC
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Client Problem

A tier one investment bank uses an application monitoring tool to monitor their technology infrastructure. However the tool reporting was federated and there was a significant delay between an event being registered in the tool and the report for this event reaching management.

MHC Approach

Defining and controlling the monitoring strategy, policy, standards, governance and reporting framework, driving adoption of common solutions across multiple business and technical areas. We produced comprehensive reporting on incidents and problems enabling the client to clearly see areas of exposure.

Provided a comprehensive offering of tiered services around Capacity and Performance Management maintaining our client’s entire Production Environment, with a focus on critical applications. We operate via a Managed Service model enabling us to quickly adapt resources to the client’s needs.


Established a centralised managed service covering a multiple ITIL disciplines including event management


Established monitoring standards


Took ownership for vendor road map


Enabled automated gateway deployment built upon pre-configured standards for standard technology such as java


Created a centralised data store for further data analysis which enabled us to analyse data in a variety of ways including time series analysis


Provided linkage between the application monitoring tool and APM products to provide intuitive business trending against events


Reduction in incidents across infrastructure. Substantially improved forecasting and analysis capabilities. Reduction in support tickets across key monitoring products. Introduction of knowledge article linkage.