Global Transaction Bank

Governance framework

Global Transaction Bank – Governance framework
09/08/2018 MHC
Tier 1 Global Investment Bank
Client staff trained as experts
Work days per year saved


The client required a more standardised and automated process to extract data from Clarity and other sources to generate monthly reports on its regulatory projects. The process was done manually and was therefore labour intense and prone to human error.


We provided custom built tools for the automation of regulatory reporting and analysis processes and a highly experienced programme management team. We managed the programme from end-to-end, encompassing requirement gathering and implementation to post implementation training.


We gathered complete business requirements for the clients regulatory reporting and analysis needs.


After client consultation we built a bespoke tool to automate the extraction of data from SharePoint and turn it into the required reporting tools and analysis outputs.


We also built a governance framework for project reporting to SharePoint to increase the accuracy of information and compatibility with the automation tool.


We performed testing fully offsite to minimise client disruption prior to implementation.


We trained 3 Client staff as expert administrators of the tool and SharePoint functions, as well as creating a detailed user manual for these experts to train further client staff.


The business requirements were successfully fulfilled. Reporting is now standardised. An estimated 40 work days a year have been saved through automation.