Tier 1 Global Bank

Cyber Security Transformation

Tier 1 Global Bank – Cyber Security Transformation
26/09/2018 MHC
growth in Cyber Security resource numbers
increase in permanent FTEs planned
increase in low cost locations planned


In response to increasing cyber threats and to comply with regulator demands, MHC’s Tier 1 Banking Client wanted to grow its Cyber Security Division while at the same time, moving from an organisation reliant on Contractors in high cost locations, to one that had a larger proportion of permanent staff and a better global location strategy.


The MHC approach was to:

Enhance the Cyber Security Division’s COO capability to provide the breadth and depth of experience to plan and obtain funding to transform the Division.

Work with Service Line heads to create a new Organisation Design (OD), based upon a new Location Strategy, which would employ key skills in a concentrated number of global locations. This would maximise the impact of the expertise available while containing cost growth.

Populate and control the in-house Migration Tool, which would schedule and manage the Transformation Tasks:

+ the migration of roles to the new strategic locations

+ overseeing the conversion of Contractor to Permanent roles

+ demising roles in non-strategic locations, where necessary

Work with the Hiring Team to locate, interview and on-board the required staff in new and existing locations, according to the schedule and distribution in the OD.

COO Automation Tasks: Where appropriate, automated tools were implemented to assist the Business Managers gain control over the Division’s Finances; both by providing direct reconciliation tools and by proving supporting applications, such as the Travel and Training Request systems.


The team of Business managers worked with the existing COO management to gain the funding necessary to perform the Transformation. Targets were agreed for Contractor/Permanent head count and High/Low Cost location ratios.

                                        The OD was created and agreed with the bank’s senior management.

The Migration Tool was populated and used to successfully control the movement of roles. The necessary HR protocols were followed to move roles from even the most heavily regulated markets.

All necessary documentation (e.g. Job Descriptions) and authorisations were obtained and hiring commenced.

                                        Processes were implemented to ensure the successful first half year growth would continue through to the end of 2018.