Payment Service Strategic Review

and Implementation of Replacement System

Payments Sevice Strategic Review and Implementation of Replacement Platform
03/12/2021 MHC
client member companies transitioned successfully

Client Problem

Our client, a leading UK travel association, was providing a payment service via a third-party system, intended to enable safe and secure payments between Travel Agents and Tour Operators

Mansion House Consulting were engaged to perform a strategic review of the existing service, with a specific focus reviewing the effectiveness of the existing service, the risk profile and enhancements or alternatives.

MHC Approach

MHC was engaged at strategic level to assess and evaluate the three aforementioned options and a change delivery plan.

The impact on our client’s members were a key driver, together with an assessment of the risk to our client and its’ members.

Upon completion of our evaluation, MHC presented the following conclusions to the client:

  • MHC reviewed member surveys and determined that the client membership body regarded the existing SPS as a key offering; and
  • An assessment was made of current and alternative system providers, with MHC managing the selection process and presenting a shortlist of alternatives to the client with MHC recommendations.

Project Outcome

Our client selected an alternative solution following MHC recommendations, provided on the basis of the above information, entrusting MHC to also oversee the contract and implementation phases (including extensive system testing).

As a result, MHC had identified the most appropriate way forward for the client’s payments provision and supplier strategy, achieving greater efficiency and speed, security enhancement and cost optimisation. Key deliverables in achieving this were:

  • The successful transition of 200 client member companies;
  • A new system successfully implemented;
  • A phased removal of the client from the payment flows; and
  • Establishing a revised operating model, enabling the client to redeploy resources to other key roles and activities.