Global Tier 1 Bank

Anti-Phishing Automation

Global Tier 1 Bank – Anti-Phishing Automation
21/01/2020 MHC
user deployments successfully completed
deployment batches completed
countries within the project scope

Client Problem

MHC’s Tier 1 Investment Banking Client had obligations to regulators to enhance the handling of suspicious phishing emails, which are a major source of cybersecurity breaches. The project was to improve automation by deploying an MS Outlook plugin to the desktop of each of the bank’s staff worldwide.

MHC Approach

MHC’s approach was to integrate a third party tool with the client’s in-house investigation and case management systems including complete end-to-end testing of the handling of a suspicious email’s journey.

A comprehensive test pf the third party tool to ensure that it worked as intended.

Project Outcome

The successful implementation of the new tool across the worldwide user base significantly improved the Bank’s anti-phishing capability.

The user’s experience was significantly simplified and enhanced, with suspicious emails automatically reviewed and risk-rated and feedback provided to the user.

Automatic integration with the case management system including the safe extraction of email artefacts improved the efficiency and efficacy of the analysis process.

The ability to automatically enrich each case with data from the third party tool provided improved analysis on the nature and sources of phishing attacks allowing for improved automatic identification of future instances.